BTD25350x is a family of dual-channel, isolated gate driver with peak output current up to 10A, available in SOW-18 (wide-body) package and supports isolation voltages up to 5000Vrms. They can be used to drive IGBTs and Si/SiC MOSFETs. BTD25350x family offers 3 Feature Options:
BTD25350MM provides Miller clamp function to prevent false turn-on caused by Miller current.
BTD25350MS provides a split output with rise and fall time individually configurable.
BTD25350ME provides UVLO in positive power supply of secondary-side to ensure that power devices get sufficient gate turn-on voltage.


Typical Applications

Motor drives
EV chargers
Telecommunication power supplies
EV power supplies
String solar inverters


Isolation voltage up to 5000Vrms
Peak output current up to 10A
Propagation delay 60ns
Maximum switching frequency 1MHz
Primary-side supply 3~5V
Secondary-side supply up to 33V
Primary-side and secondary-side power supply undervoltage lockout (UVLO)
Compatible with 3.3V, 5V input
SOW-18 with 8.5mm creepage
Operating Temperature -40~125℃

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