Power Device Dynamic Parameter Test System
Test equipment and auxiliary tools targeting on dynamic characterization of power devices, covering a wide selection of power devices and applications.

QTJT-D is an integrated test system developed to test the dynamic characteristics of high-voltage and high-current power semiconductor devices; it integrates signal generator, high-voltage DC power supply, main test circuit, high-voltage protection module, test fixture, temperature control system, measurement system and HMI, and supports testing of power semiconductor devices up to 6500V ; the maximum pulse current is 10000A.

  • 01
    Wide capability

    Capable  of  testing various power semiconductor devices such as IGBTs and SiCs

  • 02
    Button-click operation

    Automatically complete dynamic performance test of power semiconductor devices and  generate test reports in formats such as .doc, .pdf, .xls and .ppt

  • 03
    Various excitation signals

    Including single-pulse, double-pulse, multi-pulse and other excitation patterns, with both duty cycle and frequency adjustable

  • 04
    Stable and reliable

    High-quality key component

  • 05
    Full protections

    Adjustable over-voltage and over-current thresholds for different power devices, to promptly protect the DUTs

  • 06
    High-temperature test

    Tests the dynamic characteristics of power semiconductor devices under high temperatures

  • 07
    Plug and play

    Specially designed fixture for connecting power semiconductor devices and external drive circuitry ensures convenient installation and disassembly

  • 08
    Security measures

    Insulated anti-explosion test chamber withstanding high-temperature and high-voltage, the intelligent discharge function is integrated to effectively protect personals

  • 09
    User-friendly interfac

    Touch screen control that allows fast and convenient operations

  • 10
    Extensive database

    The built-in database of power semiconductor devices contains datasheets of popular power semiconductor devices to facilitate test and benchmarking

Key parameters

Supply voltage380V±10% (three-phase four-wire system + PE), 50Hz ±10%

Supply power15kVA

Device under testSi/SiC, IGBT/DIODE/MOSFET and other power semiconductor devices in different packages

Number of modules in parallelTwo in parallel (customized parallel number expansion is available)

Maximum output voltage6000V DC

Maximum withstanding pulse current10000A

Pulse width0.5μs~1000μs

Pulse width resolution20ns

Temperature control rangeRoom temperature up to 200°C

Inductive load20μH/60μH/100μH/150μH/250μH/350μH/450μH/500μH

Protection classIP20

Operating ambient temperature5°C~45°C